My Brother Predicts That I'll Have a Mac Within a Year


I told Joe Stevens, my brother (on the left next to my beautiful sister, Dena McGoldrick), that I'm planning to get the iPhone 3G this Friday. He responded...

"I'll give you less than one year to discover OS X. And once you do, you will switch all your computers to mac (UNIX, stable, powerful, fast, high-quality, virus-free, registry-free, non-microsoft, sexy, timemachine backwards to any point/file in time, fun to use, better at handling your digital life, near-maintenance-free, everything works out-of-the-box and keeps working)...I could go on and on (like totally changed my life, etc, etc.). Anyway, will be good to welcome you fully aboard at that time."

I had to burst his bubble and let him know I just ended my three-year relationship with the iPod and now carry what I consider to be a superior product...the Microsoft Zune.

I think Apple has a ton going for them. Most of what he says is true. But until they can communicate seamlessly with the rest of the PC world, I can't take the plunge. I'm too dependent on a corporate IT infrastructure. And I'm surrounded by friends with Macs that can't seem to accept my appointments, read my files or share my calendar. Until that gets figured out...I'm staying in my Windows world.

Long live Bill Gates.