The Kingdom of Twitter

I've been Twittering now for...let me see, about 4 weeks. Long enough to see the value, the pitfalls, the potential good and the potential waste of time that Twitter can be.

But my friend Rob Wegner put it so succinctly. It all comes down to motives. He wrote...

I'm about ready to Twitter. 

I've held off because of a major revulsion toward our fifteen minutes of fame culture and the narcissism that fuels it.  The whole "Check me out - I've got x number of followers - did you know I just flossed my teeth?  Hey, I just gargled! Aren't I so interesting and funny and cool?" deal wears me out. 

Twitter potentially takes that self-promotion to a new level.  Thanks to Twitter, now, you can get updates on MY LIFE EVERY THREE MINUTES!!

That's not a judgment on you, if you twitter. 

It's not a free pass either.  Motives matter most according to Jesus. 

It's been a little disconcerting to see a number of church leaders posting recently on how many followers they have on facebook or twitter. (And what exactly is the point of advertising how huge your following is?)

I know that dark stuff is inside of me.  I want to starve it.  So, in a nutshell, that's why I've not jumped on the bandwagon yet.

But, I'm about ready to repent.

Michelle has been twittering for a few weeks and I have to admit that I'm almost ready to convert to the Kingdom of Twitter. 

Why?  It's been fun connecting with friends that we don't bump into day to day because of schedule or geography.  Twitter fuels those friendships with a sense of freshness, momentum and relational connection that otherwise wouldn't happen.  She's already seen a new friendship blossom.  That's good stuff.

I'm just about ready to repent and admit what I already know: Technology is a neutral medium.  Technology only amplifies what is already inside of me, for good or for bad. 

Sometimes,I forgot the obvious.  It's easier to blame something outside of me versus face up to the internal realities.

So, Twittering may be a new spiritual discipline I hadn't considered.

When I walk the aisle and officially repent, I'll let you know. I'm waiting for the fifth verse to start before I move.

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Update: Find Rob on Twitter here.

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