Making Every Moment Count


Vacation is all about creating memories. Here are a few of our memory makers from the past week...

  1. Two days at Cedar Point (it took that long to talk my girls into going on the Top Thrill Dragster with me).
  2. One day helping my parents move into a new house in Detroit.
  3. Two days hanging by the Lake Erie beach and village pool.
  4. Watched a few hours of old family videos from when the kids were much younger.
  5. Personalized our own lunchbags (see picture below).
  6. Wrote notes to every other family member on "Why I'm Glad You Are in Our Family..." and placed them in the lunchbags.
  7. Had a pajama excursion to a drive-in movie (memorable because of the torrential storm that passed during the movie).
  8. Saw the new Indiana Jones movie together.
  9. Played family Wii (Taylor legitimately beat us all in bowling).
  10. On the final evening, read our notes aloud to each other and then spent an hour looking at photographs from the week.


Tim Stevens2 Comments