Granger's 10 Programming Rules

I'm enjoying sitting at the feet of Butch Whitmire at Willow Creek as he teaches a room of 300 leaders about programming weekend services at Granger Community Church.

Butch talked about ten important rules to remember when programming your services...

  1. Keep them from blinking -- the audience must stay engaged.
  2. Take them white-water rafting -- follow a flow, don't change speed too fast.
  3. Live gets you two extra points -- do it live when you can
  4. Great live drama helps. Good live drama, not so much -- make sure it's great.
  5. Leave your sissy pants at home -- don't be afraid to take a risk.
  6. Give your audience a string of pearls -- the transitions are really important.
  7. It's OK to have fun, laugh, and be just weird in church -- nuff said.
  8. Keep it "tacky" -- give people a tactile experience.
  9. Story wins every single time -- without a great story, all the toys don't matter.
  10. God often shows up in casual attire -- the goal is God showing up, and that can't always be programmed.

Butch showed tons of videos in his session, including one of my favorites...

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