Fun Media Hits

You might be interested in seeing some press that Pop Goes the Church has been getting recenty.

  1. Indianapolis Star on Saturday -- I did the interview well over a month ago, and didn't know if the article was ever going to come out. Evidently when we did the interview, reporter Bobby King was wanting to run the story, but hadn't yet convinced his boss that it was a worthy story. He eventually convinced him, and Bobby made a trip up to Granger last Sunday to attend a service and conduct some interviews. I then spent another 30-minutes with him on the phone early in the week. I was delighted to hear the story made the front page, with pictures, this weekend in this paper which is the 34th largest in the country, with a circulation of 350,000.
  2. Chattanooga Times on Saturday -- last Monday I got a call from my publicist who said, "Can you do an interview right away with a reporter from this newspaper--they want to do a story immediately." I called Clint Cooper. He asked if he could record the interview, which isn't that unusual, but I didn't realize he was going to write the article word-for-word! He included every stutter and "whatever" that I said. Oh well...the article was still pretty good.
  3. The Jeff Whittaker Show -- two weeks ago, I was interviewed on the Jeff Whitaker Show about Pop Goes the Church. The show broadcasts during the end of day drive-time on WOND 1400 in New Jersey. Tim Chambers, pastor of Shore Fellowship Church was also involved in the interview. This was the first radio interview I've ever done that included call-in questions. Some of them were a little off-topic...okay, alot off topic! Listen to the interview here.

My publicist has also set up some book signings in in Indianapolis and the other in Mishawaka. I'm very much NOT interested in doing book signings...I have this image of a lonely author sitting at a table by himself for two very long hours. But she says that won't happen. We'll see...

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