Freedom Balanced with Liability

Last week I sat in awe at a presentation to our staff. Jason Powell is our IT Director, and he talked to our staff about standardization, security and purchasing. Hard to believe that could be interesting, huh?

Well, it was amazing, and you should listen to it. Some quotes...

  • "Other church leaders think we are on crack because we let you use Facebook..."
  • "You can play outside the guardrails...that's okay, but we can't support you if you do."
  • "Holy crap, how much did you pay for that thing?"
  • "ILikePigsFeet would be a good passphrase."
  • "We don't want to see pictures of your dog and your kid on the server."

I don't care what you do in ministry...if you want to hear how to communicate "rules" with vision and energy, listen to this talk.

Tim StevensComment