Wanna Help Plant 500 New Churches?

Over a month ago, Rob Wegner and I began talking to Craig Groeschel about the One Prayer campaign and plans for the joint offering for a missions initiative. We began to explore some huge dreams for what could be done if hundreds of churches focused together for a few weeks. We considered...

  • What if we could plant 500 new churches in four countries?
  • What if every pastor was a  national who was well-trained and equipped?
  • What if we could find an organization that would invest 100% of the money in the missions focus, keeping none of the money for itself?
  • What if we did it in such a way that no one got credit? What if it wasn't a LifeChurch deal or a Granger deal, but rather a One Prayer deal?
  • What if this church-centric model yielded not just 500 new churches, but each of those churches fed the hungry, provided medical care, installed wells, and introduced hundreds of thousands to Jesus?

It took weeks of work, but we finally pulled it together. Rob and Bobby have both announced the initiative, and you can find more details on the One Prayer website.

(Oh, by the way, there are now 811 churches joined together for the One Prayer series!).

Tim StevensComment