Two Lists, One Earthquake, and the Mexican Police


Ten things we DID in Mexico...

  1. Watched an entire season of Prison Break (yes, 22 episodes in 7 days).
  2. We laughed together...alot.
  3. Faith came with a list of things to talk about...and we made it through the entire list!
  4. I also came with a list. We made it through my list too.
  5. Loved the weather. It was perfect, every day!
  6. Survived our first earthquake. Well, Faith grew up in Alaska, so it wasn't her first one.
  7. I read not one, or two, but three novels. Faith read three books also, including Pop Goes the Church.
  8. Relaxed. 6 out of 7 days we had the same routine: Sleep in, lay in sun by pool, eat dinner, hang out.
  9. Got stopped by the Mexican police. They tried hard to get us to give them some money. We held out and they eventually let us go.
  10. Watched the infamous La Quebrada cliff-divers.

Five things we DIDN'T do...

  1. Wear a watch.
  2. Get up early.
  3. Make our beds.
  4. Wear jackets.
  5. Fix any meals.