Room to Please

I travel quite a bit, so have gathered some likes and dislikes about hotels. This is my list of what I love in a good hotel room:

  1. A comfortable bed (the Hyatt Grand bed or Doubletree Sweet Dreams Bed are good examples).
  2. Lots of electric outlets.
  3. A great shower head with good, consistent flow.
  4. A curved shower curtain that gives more room.
  5. Free WiFi. How come the more I pay for a hotel room, the less likely that I get free WiFi?
  6. Thick walls (I don't want to hear the couple next door or the kids running in the hall).
  7. A desk.
  8. Easy control over the temperature in the room.
  9. Free parking.
  10. Continental breakfast included with the price of the room.

Bonus features...

  1. Flat-screen TV with high-definition channels.
  2. Refrigerator and microwave.

My favorite hotel chain that fits most these criteria for a good price: Hyatt Place

Tim Stevens5 Comments