Indiana Goes to the Polls

What? An Indiana primary that actually matters? Yep. Tomorrow all Hoosiers get to cast their votes for the presidential candidate. And in this strange election year, your vote might actually help decide who gets to run for president against John McCain.

Due to a quirky law, Republicans and Independents can actually vote in the Democratic primary. However, that isn't what is motivating me to vote this year.

Puckett1_2 I'm jazzed because a friend of mine is running for United States Congress. I met Luke Puckett when he was a teenager and I was barely 20-years old. He's a great guy with tremendous values and a strong faith, and has been leading his family and businesses with strength. I look forward to see how far Luke goes in his bid for the congressional seat.

If you are a Hoosier, go vote tomorrow. Here is a list of those running for various offices in St. Joseph county.