Happy Days Ahead


This weekend I get to celebrate the wedding of two dear friends, Ben Sanders and Vanessa Shaffer. I'm not sure what it will be like watching my own son or daughter get married...but I'm guessing this is pretty close to that.

Ben Sanders lived in our house for a year when he first came to Granger as a video intern in 2004. He was gone only a month when Vanessa came to live with us for a year. Some people have told me we were crazy to add one more person to an already full house--but I figured the best thing possible for our four kids was to have a college-age student in the house who was following hard after God.

This Saturday morning they will say their wedding vows in Pleasant Valley, California, and our entire family will be with them to celebrate. I personally don't like weddings--but can't wait for this one. We love them as much as is possible, and look forward to supporting their life together for years to come.

Tim Stevens6 Comments