21st Century Accountability

We launched a series at Granger a couple weeks ago called Get in the Game. This is another series when we are reducing everything down to a few steps, encouraging the congregation to focus on five.

Two weeks ago, Rob Wegner encouraged the congregation to begin reading their Bibles. We introduced a simple, helpful tool, and hundreds stepped up to the challenge.

Personally, I decided to extend the challenge to a small group of friends. So 14 have joined me. Here is what we are doing...

  • Reading one chapter a day from The Essential Bible Guide: 100 Readings Through The World's Most Important Book (written by Whitney T. Kuniholm), which includes reading a couple chapters of Scripture each day.
  • Using a Google Spreadsheet to all record our progress on one document. This is accessible to all of us, through the web, even simultaneously.
  • Utilizing YouVersion to record our thoughts from the daily reading. I'm even using YouVersion to read the Bible as well. We can set up profiles, and follow each other's thoughts from day-to-day.

I don't know about you, but I do better when others are with me. This will be a fun, 100-day challenge that will take us through the summer.

Tim Stevens1 Comment