What Does a Campus Pastor Do?

I'm pretty excited that we have hired our first Campus Pastor. I'll introduce you to him after our church has a chance to meet him in a couple weeks. But have you wondered what the job of a Campus Pastor looks like? Here is a glimpse of what we believe is the ROLE of a Campus Pastor...

  • Catalytic Leader: Able to rally people to a cause.
  • Team Builder: Can build teams and identify high capacity leaders to build more teams. Friendly and approachable.
  • Talent Scout: Always on the lookout for new leaders and volunteers.
  • Total Quality Manager: Looking for ways to improve; sensitive to misses; committed to excellence.
  • Communicator: The primary host, greeter and vision-caster of this congregation.
  • Cheerleader: Encouraging volunteers and staff constantly.
  • Carrier of the DNA: When you cut them, they bleed the mission, vision and values of GCC.
  • Solution Specialist: Able to identify problems and find solutions.
  • Staff Champion: Cares for the spiritual, emotional, and familial health of campus staff.
  • Pastor: Has a heart to identify leaders and build systems to care for the congregation.
  • Reproducer: With the entire staff, reproduces leaders, followers of Christ, and campuses.

Download the entire job summary CAMPUS PASTOR Job Summary SHORT for free.

What did we get right? What is missing?

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