Surprised by 200 Pomegranates

I'll be honest...when I first heard the title of a new book by Shawn Wood, I said, "Two hundred what?" It didn't sound like any book I would read.

Later I heard the entire title: 200 Pomegranates and an Audience of One: Creating a Life of Meaning and Influence. Okay, it sounded a little more interesting to me. But time is limited. I still wasn't sure I would read it.

Then Jessica Kelley from Abingdon Press asked me to consider giving the book an endorsement. Oh boy. I told her I'd be glad to read it, but I would only endorse it if I liked it. She sent me the manuscript about a month ago, but just took the time to read it this weekend.

Here are my early thoughts...

  • I learned from the first few pages where the "pomegranate" reference comes from. Yes, I'm a pastor, and yes, I've read the Old Testament a number of times, but I've never noticed the passage about the artist Huram and his bronze veggies (or fruits, I'm really not sure).
  • Then I started the introduction, and I was sucked in from the very first paragraph.
  • Shawn is great at telling stories. I don't mean he's really good. He's great at it.
  • I love the way Shawn authentically shares out of his life, from the pain of his past, to stupid decisions he's made. It helps me identify with an author who is normal.
  • I'm convinced this book will have broad appeal. It is for anyone who desires to be great at something. I could see my wife (a stay-at-home mom) enjoying this book as much as I enjoyed this book.
  • This book will be an easy read. I don't know how many pages it will be, but it won't be long. I think that is smart.
  • You probably guessed, but I went ahead and sent Jessica my whole-hearted endorsement. It was an easy decision.

My only regret is that the book won't be available until September (just in time for Shawn's keynote address at Innovate). Arghhh! I wish it were sooner. But go ahead and include it on your wish list and you won't be disappointed.

Tim Stevens1 Comment