Off to Indy

There are some things about writing a book that I don't enjoy. I don't like live TV or radio interviews. I don't like sitting at a table doing book signings. I'm not crazy about signing books at all (especially while the person I'm signing for is watching me).

But...I'm passionate about the content of the book, and so some of this stuff is required in order to get the word out and encourage people to read the book.

With that said, I'm off to Indianapolis for a couple of interviews...

  • At around 6:40am on Monday, I'll be live on Fox 59 in Indianapolis during their morning news show.
  • Later Monday morning I have an interview with the Indianapolis Star newspaper for an article they are doing about the book.

The best part about the trip is I get to take my family along...looking forward to time with them!

Tim Stevens6 Comments