Hola from Mexico City

I'm sitting in the airport in Mexico City after a very long, red-eye flight. We were on the back-row (you know, next to the kitchen where the seats don't recline and all the families with screaming babies are placed).

So, why am I in Mexico City? I'm with my wife of 18-years taking her to a beach destination so we can focus on each other.

  • We've prioritized a week together, alone, without the kids, every year since our oldest was born.
  • This is a non-negotiable for us.
  • There are a thousand reasons not to take a trip like this. We have to ignore them all and just do it.
  • There is never a good time to leave the kids and focus on each other.
  • It requires planning months in advance.
  • It requires prioritizing the money in our budget--over other stuff that we might really want.
  • It requires others who believe in the priority as well who are willing to watch the kids and keep up with their insane schedules (thanks to my mom and dad for driving over from Iowa!).

I was joking with a friend the other day and said, "I love my kids 51 weeks a year, but one week a year I happily leave them behind."

Here is what I really mean: "I love my kids so much that I choose to leave them one week a year so I can focus on their mother and strengthen our marriage, which in turn will help produce a strong, secure home where each of our kids can thrive."

For those of you with kids...what are you doing to prioritize your marriage?

Tim Stevens11 Comments