From My Inner Geek

It's true, I'm a gadget geek. Here are some of the things I'm excited about (or at least curious)...

  • American Airlines and Jet Blue are going to start offering in-flight WiFi on certain flights. This is a start, and will eventually catch on.
  • Comcast is significantly increasing speeds this year. They've already started in Minneapolis, and promise that you can download an entire HD movie in less than 4 minutes.
  • Sony debuts world's smallest HD camcorder. It is 1" wide, 5" long, has a 10x Carl Zeiss lens, and records 1080i in 5.1 Dolby digital.
  • It is rumored that the iPhone will be available in a high-speed network 3G version by June. That means that Ben, Dustin and Adam will have phone-envy when I get mine. Although right now I'm on the Sprint network, and they are coming out with an iPhone-wannabe in June from Samsung. Choices.
  • I'm still very interested in getting an Amazon Kindle book reader. In fact, it is rumored that Pop Goes the Church will soon be available for the Kindle.
  • I'm fascinated by what I've been reading about the Dash Express GPS unit. Unless other units on the market, this one is WIFI connected. So, for example, it not only shows you the closest gas station, but tells you the best price for gas in your area.
Tim Stevens3 Comments