Coming Soon...To a Location Near You

I'm not much of an extrovert, but I really would enjoy meeting you this year. Here are some of the places I'll be teaching in 2008.

  • May 22 - The WhiteBoard Sessions - Reston, VA -- This one will be fun. I get 30 minutes to communicate one big idea, plus I get to hang with Ben Arment.
  • May 30 -- Simply Strategic Volunteers - Granger, IN -- if you are looking for help on finding, training, leading or caring for volunteers, this all-day workshop is for you.
  • June 12 -- ARISE: Willow Creek Arts Conference - South Barrington, IL -- I'm teaching a "featured breakout" at the conference this year. Not sure what "featured" means, but I'm looking forward to talking about Pop Goes the Church.
  • June 23 -- Pop Goes the Church -- Granger, IN -- an all-day workshop for those who want to drill-down on what it means to engage the culture as a local church.
  • August 14-16 -- Echo Conference -- Dallas, TX -- this is a brand new conference that I get the opportunity to speak at with a bunch of cool speakers including Donald Miller, Mark Batterson and Mark Steele.
  • September 18-19 -- Innovate 2008 -- Granger, IN -- of course I'm biased, but I think this is "the" premiere conference for church leaders.
  • October 8 -- Catalyst Conference -- Duluth, GA -- I've attended many times, but this is the first year I get to participate. I'll be teaching a Catalyst Lab along with Perry Noble, John Burke, Joel Hunter, Dave Ferguson and others.
  • November 5-7 -- National Outreach Convention -- San Diego, CA -- We're still working out the details, but it looks like I'll be teaching a breakout session during this popular west coast conference.
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