I spent an hour today dreaming with some of my ministry partners about Innovate 2008. We are pulling together the schedule, promotional materials, and surprises for the conference. It's going to be amazing. Not just because Mark Beeson, Steven Furtick and Rob Wegner will be among the speakers, or because we'll be hosting the Granger Film Festival again, but also because we'll be joined by the movers and shakers that make the most innovative church in America.

It was delightful to come out of the meeting and discover this post by Tiffani Barnes about last year's conference. She says:

Innovate 2008 is coming up in September. It was one of the best conferences I went to last year, and I went to many many many conferences last year. If you are looking for a conference to inspire you about church ministry Innovate is the place to be (and bring your team if you can).

Read the rest of her words here.

Check out the sessions from last year (like, yeah, you can watch the sessions in their entirety), then register early.

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