Saturday Randomness

  • I was exhausted after teaching all day yesterday (it was the first Pop Goes the Church workshop). I slept in until almost noon today. The next workshop is on June 23rd.
  • I'm very tired of winter. I like it for about 4 months, but this is the time of year that it starts getting to me.
  • I just placed an order for the Xbox 360 version of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2. Can't wait! I also pre-ordered Tom Clancy's End War which comes out in November.
  • On Wednesday night, I took Heather driving for the first time. It was her first experience, and my first experience. When she got home, she told Faith, "It was harder than it looked."
  • I'm taking my wife to Acapulco in a few weeks. Oh yeah, baby.
  • There are 9 people participating in our current online weight-loss challenge. My goal is go lose 10 pounds in 6 weeks.
  • I found out this week there were 222 people who decided for the first time to begin tithing.
  • I talked with my publisher on the phone on Thursday. He suggested he'd like my next book written, finished and published by the end of the summer. I said, "Of what year?" He said, "This year of course." I laughed out loud for quite a while. Then I told him he'd need to talk to my wife about that.
  • I spent a bunch of time this week fighting with the insurance company over a claim. That was fun.
  • Since November 1st, there have been 72 days where we didn't see the sun at all, 42 days that were mostly cloudy, and only 21 days that were considered sunny. Did I mention I'm tired of winter?
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