How Would You Respond?

Last Thursday night we announced the locations of our three new campuses. I've wondered many times, If I were pastoring a church near one of GCC's new locations, how would I feel? Would I be grateful for more help in reaching my neighbors? Or would I be competitive and territorial?

Here is how Edgar Cabello responded. He pastors Calvary Temple, which is about three blocks from our new South Bend location. I received a copy of this letter he sent to his leaders...

It was announced last Thursday night that GCC (Granger Community Church) will launch three new ministry sights including Showplace 16. I wanted to frame this for our leaders at Calvary for when people ask what we think. Here are my thoughts.

  • We celebrate they will reach people we won’t.
  • We will offer any assistance we can for them to be successful since we are ‘one’ body.
  • We appreciate they are modeling courageous ministry as they try an 'un-tested approach.'
  • We will always speak well of our friends from GCC.
  • We will refuse to fall into the the ‘competition’ trap. That is a snare of our enemy.
  • We will pray for them to do well as we are on the same team.


This response made me proud to be serving in the same town as this man.

How would you have responded?

Tim Stevens21 Comments