Guess Who Got the 1st Copy of the Book?


This is the truck driver who delivered my books. The conversation went like this...

Driver: "You sell books or something?"

Me: "No, I'm an author."

Driver: "You wrote a book?"

Me: "Yep." (I'm cold and late for an appointment)

Driver: "What's it about?"

Me: "Church." (Did I mention I'm in a hurry?)

Driver: "What about church?"

Me: "Helping churches work for normal people."

Driver: "How do they do that?"

Me: "They talk in a language people can understand."

Driver: "Where do I get a copy?"

Me: "Amazon."

Driver glances at my boxes of books, back at me, back at the boxes of books, and hesitates just enough time to make me feel awkward.

Me: "...or how about if I just give you a copy right now?"

I opened a box, saw my book for the very first time as I was handing it to Mr. Truck Driver. Faith takes a picture and he smiles.

I'd been thinking for awhile about who would get the first copy of my book. I was planning on giving it to my wife during a romantic moment, at home, kids at school. But then the truck was late and God decided the first copy needed to go to the driver. I'm sure something cool will come of that.

But, first book or not, I'm still planning on that romantic moment at home. Oh yeah, baby.

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