Grassroots Marketing

I've mentioned before how much I've enjoyed my relationship with Power Publishing. They are a company that is small and nimble, and so they are able to get this book published in record time.

Six weeks ago I turned in my final manuscript. Three weeks from today (April 7th), the book will be sitting on shelves in bookstores across America. That's amazing!

A favor to ask...can you help me out with a bit of grassroots marketing?

  • Visit your favorite bookstore and ask for the book. Any Borders, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million or any Christian bookstore. Just ask if they have Pop Goes the Churchby Tim Stevens in the store.
  • No, they won't have it yet. You know that, but they don't. So they will look it up and that query will be registered at the wholesale level.
  • If the wholesalers start getting "pings" from all across the country, they will put more copies of the book on the shelves. That means more exposure and the possibility of more people hearing how they can begin to leverage pop culture to have an impact on our society.

The time to do this is now--in the final weeks before the book is available.

If you end up stopping somewhere, leave me a comment and let me know the bookstore name and location.

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