Granger Joins Hundreds of Churches in June

(A long post...but read it all!)

Last Wednesday I received a short email message from Craig Groeschel: "I have an idea. What number can I call you at?"

Craig is the pastor from LifeChurch in Oklahoma City with many campuses in several states. He is a dynamic leader, and has encouraged me personally on a number of occasions since we first met last summer.

So I found his email cryptic, but interesting.

An hour later we were talking on the phone about this idea for having hundreds of churches all join together for one weekend series in June. Each pastor would preach one message "live" -- then the church could choose from a library of messages from other dynamic pastors across the country.

I checked our weekend schedule, made some quick calls and sent off some emails--and by Thursday morning was able to let Craig know that Granger Community Church is IN.

Mark Beeson will be one of the pastors who will record his message in advance and make it available to hundreds of churches around the country. The series is called, "One Prayer," and each pastor will preach one week from his church about his or her one prayer he would want God to answer for the Church at large. The remaining weeks would be via video from one of the other pastors.

The list is growing, but here are some of the churches already planning to join for this multi-church series this June...

We are pretty jazzed about this effort. I'm grateful to Craig Groeschel for his leadership in leading this movement. If you are a pastor or leader in your church, I would encourage you to consider joining the rest of us for this series. See this video from Craig with more information:

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