Big iPhone Announcement

Two months ago I said this might be the year I buy an iPhone. I suggested they would have to fix three major issues:

  1. Push Outlook email using Microsoft's Exchange servers.
  2. Secure data through better encryption.
  3. Ability to remotely lock or wipe out the phone if it is stolen.

Today Apple made a big announcement that all of these issues, and more, will be fixed with a June update. It might be time for me to jump in.

Only two remaining hurdles...

  1. I have to decide that I can live with AT&T's sub-standard coverage (unless the rumor that Apple might offer the iPhone on other carriers comes true).
  2. I need two thumbs up from my IT team. They do so much to support me that I don't want to do anything to make life harder for them.

This might be the year.

Tim Stevens9 Comments