Amazon Messed Up My Order, But I Don't Care

I had a problem with an order this week. They messed up an order that I wanted to receive via next day shipping. They aren't sure what happened, but the order was lost. I'm disappointed my product didn't come, but it doesn't bother me.


  • They handled it quickly and professionally.
  • I pushed a "Call Me" button and within ten seconds my phone was ringing. Thirty seconds later I was talking to a representative. Two minutes after that, she was acknowledging their mistake and fixing the problem.
  • I've spent a lot of money with Amazon. In fact, my Quicken records show I've placed 124 orders in the last seven years and spent over $10,000 at Amazon. But this is my first problem ever.

Why can't all vendors have this type of customer service?

What would it take for a church to have this type of record with their guests?

Tim Stevens2 Comments