What is it with Hannah Montana?


The 3D movie concert of Hannah Montana made a lot of money this weekend...$29 million to be exact. Some of that was my money...$102 to be exact.

The 3D concert movie broke several records including the highest grossing movie ever on a SuperBowl weekend, the highest grossing 3D movie ever; the highest grossing concert movie ever, and one of the highest gross sales per theater of any movie ever.

Of course the reason for the last one was because of the ticket price. They were $15 in advance or $18 at the door, but that was much better than the $250 to $750 some parents were paying for each ticket for the live concert.

I did an informal demographic study of the people in our theater...

  • 98% female...2% male
  • 75% kids...25% adults
  • Of the adults: 98% moms and 2% dads (there were 4 adult men in the theater--including me. Yes, I counted)
  • Of the kids, 80% were girls under 10 years old.

So what conclusions can we draw from the Hannah Montana phenomenon? Should it influence how we minister to families? What about the craze about High School Musical? Is anyone using these two franchises to make inroads into ministry to kids or families?

Tim Stevens10 Comments