Welcome to Town!

A couple days ago I received this postcard (below) at my house about a brand new multi-site church starting nearby. Actually very near. It is 3.3 miles from the Granger campus. The church is called Christian Life Center and is being launched by a church of the same name in Tinley Park, Illinois, and led by Pastors Jerry & Chris McQuay. It is actually a re-launch of a church formerly called Christian Tabernacle.

Interesting bit of history--Back when we had no building and were renting various facilities, the people of Christian Tabernacle graciously allowed us to use their facility for some of our rehearsals.

There are well over 200,000 people in our area who don't go to church. One individual church is not going to reach them all. It is going to take scores of vibrant churches to make a lasting difference in our community. It is my hope that this new congregation reaches hundreds of people in our area and helps them know how much they matter to God!



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