Oscar Thoughts

Tonight was the 80th annual Academy Awards. My thoughts...

  • Jon Stewart was hilarious. I laughed for several minutes at his joke about Barak Obama and Gaydolph Titler.
  • Never heard of Alexandra Byrne (who won for costume design), but someone should tell her to never wear a backless dress again.
  • I remembered again tonight what a great movie Michael Clayton was.
  • It is amazing how many older men are sitting with beautiful younger women. I'm keeping my woman, no matter how old she gets.
  • Kristin Chenoweth performed a song from Enchanted. She is notable to me since my wife plays Taylor, The Latte Boy by Kristin about twice a day.
  • Where was Matt Damon? His movie was up for several awards, seems like he would have showed up.
  • Robert Boyle was honored for a life-long impact in movies. His speech was long, but he's 98-years old. Anyone who is 98 should be able to speak for as long as they want.
  • There were a number of technical mistakes, like mics not being turned on. They have no limit on money or talent, and still make mistakes on a live show. We do "live shows" every weekend called church services, with volunteers, so I think we can lighten up a little bit when mistakes happen.
  • There was a memorial for those who died in the past year. This year's group included Heath Ledger. I wonder who sitting in tonight's crowd will be in next year's memorial?
  • Movies I want to see after watching tonight: Juno, Atonement, August Rush.
  • Movies I wish I hadn't seen: Enchanted.
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