On a Plane to Phoenix

It's going to be a packed few days...

  • Will be reviewing the layout for Pop Goes the Church on the plane. Still on target for an April 1st delivery.
  • Heading to the Church Solutions Conference in Phoenix for a couple days.
  • Speaking in a workshop along with Doug Turner of RSI and David Bisgrove of Redeemer Lutheran in NYC.
  • Meeting with Jim Tomberlin (helping us with multi-site) and Tom Doyle (representing National CineMedia) to talk more about Granger's multi-campus expansion.
  • I get to introduce Tony Morgan before his talk at the conference. He should be very, very nervous. Then if he still likes me after my introduction, I get to take him to lunch.

When I get back, I sleep for four hours then get to meet with our senior team at Granger and talk more about our vision to reach our region. I can't wait for that meeting!

Tim StevensComment