New Vision Unveiled This Weekend

A couple weeks ago I posted the following...

"We are strategizing the most aggressive new ministry outreach since the church was birthed. In my 14+ years at Granger we have never attempted what we are dreaming about doing in the next nine months. It's huge!"

Mark Waltz followed up and said,

"Our senior management team has been away the past several days praying, dreaming and then really dreaming. I mean, big-time dreaming. God-sized dreaming. We believe God's leading us to some crazy, over-the-top stuff in the next nine months or so."

This weekend we are presenting this new vision to the church. I want our church to hear it first, so listen in on the webstream after the weekend. I can tell you this...

  • It is aggressive.
  • It is monumental.
  • It will require money we don't have. Lots of it.
  • It will take intense focus from our entire team to make it possible.
  • It is without precedent in our region.
  • Our senior team is 110% united behind this impossible dream.
  • We are moving forward with great speed.

Stay tuned...and watch the service online after the weekend.

Tim Stevens6 Comments