Design for Life Change

I am inspired by innovation. But equal to that, I am inspired by great design. And companies or organizations that do both attract my attention. Perhaps the most obvious trend-setter in both innovation and design is Apple. They continue to put out products that establish new standards in their field. Their most recent example is the MacBook Air. Not the most powerful laptop on the planet, but the design makes you suck air.

Dell introduced last month their LCD Crystal monitor. V-Tech has a high-end phone system based on inspiring design. The new Infiniti ?? is a design marvel. Even packaging can be designed to be impressive. A few months ago I received my new Microsoft Zune, and the packaging was so impressive I saved it for more than a month. Yep, it was an empty box.

Great design even makes since financially. Consider these recent quotes from Fast Company magazine:

  • "Studies have now shown that design-oriented firms in all kinds of industries outperform their more traditional peers."
  • "Design and innovation go hand-in-hand with financial success."
  • Research indicated "a tenfold advantage in stock-market returns versus the S&P 500 for companies focused on consumer-experience design."
  • "The position of chief design officer is moving steadily up the hierarchy at major corporations."

Beyond all that, I think great design influences today's consumer culture to take steps toward Christ. Great design of facilities, services, series, children's programming, videos, graphics, printed material and websites can inspire our community to sit up and take notice. It says we have something important to say. It says we are serious. It says our message is important. It says that the life changing message of Jesus is worth our best.

What is the best example of inspiring design that you have seen in the church world?

Tim Stevens3 Comments