Where the Sun Don't Shine

Several comments from one of my reviewers about the first part of the book:

  • Tim’s a good story teller. While he is a self-proclaimed introvert, he does weave a good story that’s entertaining to read.
  • He’s spent a significant amount of time in research for supporting material for this book. I’m pleasantly surprised at the research support throughout the portion I’ve read. So many leadership and Pop Culture books are spews of “my thoughts” by the author and they hold little supportable truth for me. I was pleased to see the level of detail Tim has put into arguments.
  • Tim’s not pulling any punches in this one. He lands a couple of square shots where-the-sun-don’t-shine on the style of church that’s focused on self- preservation instead of reaching out for the sake of the Lord.
  • BUT – Tim’s outlook is hopeful. The book is already full of challenges, not criticism. It has encouragement, not capitulation. Tim is excited about the prospects of the local church.
  • Tim takes on the tough topic of relevance of the local church. Can a Christian really be healthy if they are not part of a local congregation? Is the average local congregation doing Christians more harm than good? Really, what’s point of the local church anyway?
  • Tim even shares his own personal testimony – do you know it?

From Trevor Davis on 1/17/08.

Tim Stevens1 Comment