PGTC Review: "Tim Writes With Conviction and Passion"

My friend, Dan Vukmirovich, gave his thoughts on Pop Goes the Church...

First impressions of "Pop Goes the Church" by Tim Stevens (his first solo book):

  1. Tim has a very conversational writing style - I like this.
  2. Tim doesn't shy away from tough truths - this even stings me every so often (in a good way)
  3. Tim uses many examples and draws from other's experiences. He does a great job of this in his workshops as well. Keeps me turning pages, waiting for the next thing.
  4. Tim writes with conviction and passion. He believes what he is writing will make a difference. He's not just trying to sell a book.
  5. Tim has a great hair/beard combo going. This gives him credibility as wise and all-knowing (in a pop culture sort of way). :)
  6. So far, I would buy this book in a heartbeat. A good read with great content. Thanks Tim for your hard work. I think the Church (capital "C") will really benefit.
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