PGTC Review: "This Book is Going to Burst Some Bubbles"

Tim Schraeder from Creative Chaos reviewed Pop Goes the Church.  Here it is in his words...

"Bottom line: I LOVED this book. Here’s why… 

  • It’s a solid argument for why the church needs to must engage with culture.
  • Beyond theory and ideas, you’ll get to hear about how churches (and not just Granger) are leveraging pop culture – and the results it has brought.
  • Tim presents a strong Biblical foundation.
  • It is well-researched. You can tell a lot was put into it.
  • Tim is a great storyteller. I never got bored. I’m pretty ADD, so that was an accomplishment.
  • I was challenged. Like woah.
  • I cried. Once.
  • I laughed. A lot.
  • That’s pretty much all I can say without getting in trouble.

"Having recently read unChristian, which told us how bad we (Christians and the church) are being perceived by the ‘outside world’ – Pop Goes the Church really speaks to how we can right that wrong and meet people where they are, speak in a language they understand, use things they are already familiar with (movies, TV, music, books) to bring Biblical truth, and in the end help them find their way to relationship with Christ. That’s what it’s all about!

"Of all of the books I’ve read in the last couple of years about the church and culture, Pop Goes the Church, in my humble opinion, is one of the best.

"It is going to really influence church leaders to take a hard look at what they are doing, and how they can more effectively reach people by engaging with pop culture… and not by watering down the Gospel, preaching on sex, having smoke, lights and big video screens, singing U2 songs, or wearing Diesel jeans!

"This book is going to burst some bubbles, but I pray that it helps people pop out of some old mindsets and see how we, as the church, can be more effective in helping people find their way to Christ and make a greater impact in our communities."

Tim Stevens1 Comment