PGTC Review: "It is Both Engaging and Provocative"

Jason Salamun at gives his review...

"Churches now have a guidebook that explains why and how to leverage pop culture, engage people, and point them to Jesus in the book 'Pop Goes the Culture.'

"As an early reviewer of the book, I can’t give away many details of it, but I can tell you that it is both engaging and provocative. The stories Tim weaves in throughout the book are a great touch with some surprising tales about his own life.

"Tim comes across as a nice guy (I’m sure he is)- but he makes no bones that this book will offend lots of churchy people. After reading it, I would definitely agree. If you read it you will either dig it or disdain. I, for one, dug it.

"There are aspects of the book that may be fodder for the “attack dog” “watchdog” bloggers out there. But I hope the message of the book will rise above all of that and provoke thought, discussion, prayer, and action instead. People need Jesus. Pop culture practically screams it out. Why not use it in a timely way to connect people to the timeless truth?

"I think this should be required reading for every church planter, Christian leader, and Christ follower. I’m thankful for the opportunity to review this book and look forward to seeing the impact it’s bound to have on ministries, and ultimately people, everywhere."

Tim Stevens5 Comments