PGTC Review: "I'm Buying a Copy for my Whole Team"

Ben Dubow from St. Paul's Collegiate Church offers his thoughts about Pop Goes the Church...

The book is a strong apologetic for why the church must fully engage with popular culture.

Tim is not writing mere theory here. He is on the front lines of this kind of thing as Granger Community Church, where Tim is the executive pastor, has pretty much mastered this area.

Like many, I can be skeptical of the church's over-use of pop culture. But Tim makes a strong case--both theologically and historically, as well as practically and from a missiological perspective.

While I can't quote the book directly until it is published, I can say that the book combines theological reflection with spot-on practical advice on a topic every church needs to take seriously if they are interested in reaching their community: how to leverage and connect with popular culture.

St. Paul's Collegiate Church is a very different church than Granger stylistically. But our goal and commitment to helping people encounter God and take their next steps towards Christ is 100% in line with Tim and Granger. There are a number of practical suggestions and ideas he talks about that I am really chewing on and I think the whole issue of how the church engages and leverages pop culture is unavoidable.

I also love Tim's passion for the Christ, for the church, and for people far from God. Even in the few places I might disagree with him, I never doubt his passion, compassion, and commitment to Christ and the Kingdom.

Tim's book will challenge, stretch, inspire and maybe even offend at times--but he makes you think and he makes a strong case for why the church needs to take pop culture seriously. I'm buying a copy for my whole team when it comes out!

Tim Stevens2 Comments