PGTC Review: "I Walked Away with a Changed Opinion"

I received an email from Jeremy from Summerville, Georgia, about his review of Pop Goes the Church. He said:

The subject of the church leveraging pop culture has been an ongoing struggle for me for quite a while.  I've long been convinced that leveraging it is a great idea, but I've been skeptical about the extent of its' use as a result of some negative personal experiences.  After reading the introduction and first chapter of the book, I was starting to get concerned that this was going to be a rather shallow promo for transforming churches into pop culture kiosks, and that this was the one missing key for magically reaching the community.

However, after reading the rest of the book, I was very impressed with the balance and flow of the book, and walked away with a changed opinion.  This book has taken me from being OK with the leveraging of pop culture to being convinced that it is crucial if a church truly desires to reach the community.  As I write this I'm trying to pinpoint specific passages that brought about this mental shift, but I think it really is the book as a whole...

Most of the books I read that are written by pastors of younger churches are pretty horribly written, and end up using weak emotional soap-boxing more than logical, thoughtful, and biblical argument.  This book was a much-welcomed exception, and I'll be recommending it to friends and co-workers.

Tim StevensComment