Painful Story Shared in Public for the First Time

When a preacher cries everytime they speak, it turns me off. Or when they talk in a shaky "cry voice" that sounds like they are always on the edge an emotional volcano--it doesn't work so well for me. But I so appreciate when a speaker is real, honest and authentic. When they tell you they have messed up. Or when they go through a crisis, and they tell you it was painful.

Sometimes the most painful stories can't be shared until years after they happen. To do it any sooner would exasperate the situation and hurt the parties involved.

Two weeks ago, Mark Beeson shared for the first time in public a painful story that happened 11 years ago at Granger. I remember the incident like it was yesterday, and walked through the pain along with Mark and Sheila.

This video is 6 minutes long, but any leader who has been through something similar will appreciate it.

Tim Stevens6 Comments