Joel Hunter on Politics

I enjoyed reading an article on politics by Dr. Joel Hunter in this month's issue of Relevant Magazine. Some notable quotes...

  • "A Christian approach to politics may show those in opposition just how wrong their opposition is. The Christlike approach to politics respectfully acknowledges the points at which they are right."
  • "Both Jesus and the religious crowd were threatened, but the two reacted differently. The Jews tried to protect their religious by complaining to the authorities. They mobilized a campaign...based on accusation, negativism and fear. They won the debate and missed the point. Jesus, on the other hand, offered no defense. He was not interested in justifying Himself. He was interested in truth."
  • "Christians who defend a religious tradition are similarly dismissed. And why shouldn't they be? The world doesn't give a hoot about Christianity, and they will not give one until they perceive that Christians care more about all people than their own interests."
  • "We are being killed by our weakness for stopgap measures and temporary fixes. We have embraced convenience thinking rather than consequential thinking."
  • "Nonbelievers watch to see whether the followers of Christ will ever make a significant difference outside the walls of their churches."

This article was adapted for Relevant Magazine from Dr. Hunter's new book, A New Kind of Conservative.

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