Is Blogging Worth the Time?

I started my blog in July 2006, so it is almost 18-months old. A driving  purpose (outlined in my very first entry) was to save time. Instead of answering questions or interacting  with many individuals and never being able to keep up, blogging allows me to have a dialogue with and influence thousands of leaders around the world--most of you whom I will never meet.

So every now and then I ask, "Is it worth the time?" As 2007 has come to a close, here is a comparison of the past year of blogging...

  • I'm evidently writing more often, averaging 39 posts per month compared to 25 posts per month one year ago.
  • My posts are prompting more comments. One year ago I averaged 38 comments per month (or 1.6 comments per post). Now I'm averaging 221 a month (6 per post) increase of 480%.
  • More of you are reading. There are 565% more subscribers now than there were when 2007 began.
  • Over 13,600 different people visit this blog on a monthly basis. One year ago that number was 4,000.

Yeah, I'd say it is worth the time. Blogging has allowed me to make a difference way beyond anything that makes logical sense.

Some of you are thinking about jumping in, but haven't yet. What are you waiting for?

Tim Stevens9 Comments