I Surprised My Reviewers by Shortening the Deadline

My publisher is working hard to meet a very important sales deadline. I'm trying to help them as much as I can, so we sent an email out today to our reviewers and asked them to return their comments on Sunday if possible. This shortens their time to read by three days. Everyone who has responded has been very understanding. It will make perfect sense, though, if they aren't able to help because of the new deadline.

Others in the blog world continue to buzz about the book...our friends over here think my book is based on Roman Catholic missiology. They say this because I included one 40-word quote from a Catholic author on a recent blog post. They have responded with a 2,000-word article exposing my "blatant lie." I'll be curious what they write after they've read the other 59,000 words in my book.

A few who've actually read the book have different things to say...

From Michael Head: "I am almost done with Pop Goes the church. I seriously am loving it. There is nothing out there like this book. It is a must read for anyone. It will make you mad, laugh, and push you to be the best in your area of life..."

From Blair Farley: "Over the past few days I have had the distinct honor of reviewing this amazing new book. While I am duty bound to not give up too much on the upcoming release, it is fair to say that this book will challenge anyone involved in church communications or service planning to stop and rethink how we engage our culture to change lives! The books is incredibly practical and engaging."

Again - thanks to my review team for understanding the change.

Tim Stevens7 Comments