I Can't See

Everything is blurry. My eyes are blood-shot and barely open.

But here is the good news...

  • I'm half way through the big push.
  • I've written 26 hours in the past three days (or for those keeping up on the word count, almost 14,000 words).
  • I'm more than 90% finished.
  • I was floored when I heard there are nearly 100 of you who want to help me review the book...did I tell you it will take you 6 hours and I'm not paying you? For those who responded, I'll be letting you know on Monday who I've selected. (Don't get mad at me if I don't pick you).
  • I'm well on my way to having a completed manuscript by the end of the day on Tuesday.
  • Mark Beeson read the whole thing last week and gave me great input!
  • I met my editor and I think she'll be fun to work with. She gets to edit the whole thing--twice--in the next three weeks.
Tim Stevens3 Comments