Humbled and Excited

Now that my "baby" is out of my hands and being read by a bunch of people who are helping me review...I'm starting to get some feedback.

Here is what people are saying about Pop Goes the Church...

  • Chris: "It's part 'Dear Church,' part 'Simply Strategic Stuff,' part 'Made to Stick,' and almost completely thought provoking."
  • Jim: Every church leader, whether you are on board with leveraging pop culture for the gospel or dead set against it, needs to read this won't regret it!"
  • Gilbert: "I will be the wake-up call that many other churches need to effectively reach their communities.
  • Jeff: "Gotta tell you, I'm loving it. If I stopped blogging long enough to write a book, this would be it."
  • Terry: "It is probably one of the most timely reads in my personal life and for the life of the church. I think this is definitely a catalyst to the transformation of the modern-day church."
  • Kim: "I just laughed so hard I cried reading about the babies who stopped feeding! I still can't see! I've never laughed so hard at something I've read!"
  • Tony: "I was intrigued after a quick scan of the contents."

Looking forward to some great comments in the coming weeks from my team of reviewers.

Tim Stevens3 Comments