Debating the Candidates

This is not a political blog, and I'll probably never talk about who I'm going to vote for, but I do find the political process fascinating, and thoroughly enjoyed watching the debates televised tonight on ABC from New Hampshire. Some of my thoughts on the candidates' performance last night...


  • John McCain looked old and came across angry.
  • Fred Thompson seemed tired; didn't seem very passionate about anything.
  • The most diverse views came from Ron Paul. I've never heard him talk before, but his views on America's international policy seem very short-sighted.
  • Mitt Romney came across as the most "presidential" on the Republican side. I really knew nothing of his views before tonight, but he had very well thought-out answers and came across very confident. He surprised me.
  • Mike Huckabee is a great communicator. He seemed a little nervous, but who wouldn't be.
  • I found Rudy Giuliani tonight to be interesting and compelling, though I've heard him more inspiring at other times.


  • Four years ago John Edwards came across inexperienced and boy-like. Tonight he seemed very confident, intelligent and experienced.
  • Barack Obama seemed very serious and sincere.
  • Bill Richardson seems like a nice guy, but perhaps too nice (and fearful of conflict) to be president.
  • When Hillary Clinton was talking, she seemed pleasant and knowledgeable. When the camera focused on Hillary when she wasn't talking, she sometimes looked haughty with pursed lips, sometimes almost comatose. She also showed flahses of anger when pressed by Edwards--makes me wonder how she'll handle the pressure as CEO of the country.

My Summary (based on this debate)

  • # who scare me = 1 republican and 1 democrat
  • # who bore me = 2 republicans and 2 democrats
  • # who I could support = 3 republicans and 1 democrat

Don't bother leaving any comments that are partisan or rallying people to your candidate. But if you have some general thoughts, I'd love to hear them.

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