A Vacation of More

I've been on vacation since Christmas Day...hanging at home with my family. It looked kind of like this...

  • Slept more.
  • Saw 2:00am more. And 3:00am. I'm a night owl, and when I don't have a schedule, my body naturally likes to sleep from 2-11am.
  • Ate more ice cream and junk food, but less overall food. Don't get mad, but I actually lost 2 pounds.
  • Played XBox 360 more...uh, a lot more. Favorite games: Call of Duty 4 and Rainbow 6 Vegas.
  • Went to more kids movies. I enjoyed The Waterhorse: Legend of the Deep.
  • Had more people over. Kids had sleep-overs, and we had friends over on several evenings.
  • Played in the snow more. Well, that's easy, because I never play in the snow. Faith is pretty sure I was damaged as a child. We went tubing one day. Did you know you have to walk back up the hill after you slide down?
  • More time to watch stuff recorded on my DVR. Finished watching the fall episodes of Chuck. What a fun show.
  • Threw more stuff away. It's a little known secret...I LOVE to throw things away. And, you guessed it, my wife LOVES to keep things. What an adventure!
  • Gave more to Goodwill. (Once a year we take a car load to Goodwill. We record it in TurboTax using the Its Deductible software. Last year it yielded more than $3,000 in tax deductions.)
  • Shoveled more. Well, actually, blew more snow. Hmmm. In past tense, is it proper to say I snow-blew or snow-blowed. Neither one sounds right.
  • Spent more. Got a BUNCH of gift cards for The Buckle, and spent all of it in a very short period of time.
  • Worked on my computer more. Just before Christmas I had a major computer crash. I spent about 30 hours rebuilding my RAID drives and reloading every program.
  • Hung out with the family more. Quality time only comes with quantity time. You can't plan the quality time, it only comes with quantity time--and that you can plan.

Also spent some time planning vacations for 2008. I always get time with family on the calendar first, then let everything else wrap around it. It's the only way to keep it a priority.

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