Trying Something New This Weekend

Two pretty cool things happening this weekend...

  1. This weekend, we are doing a video re-cap of some Great Moments of 2007. We have selected a few great examples of drama, video, humor and teaching highlights from the past year--and weaved them into a package that will leave some laughing, remembering, perhaps crying, but all thinking about their next step.
  2. You might wonder why Kem Meyer has been mysteriously silent on her blog for the past 10 days. Well, it's because it was about 10 days ago when I informed her she would be the Host of this coming weekend. (Actually, I asked her, but she was quick to agree. Well, actually it took her 24 hours to sweat, think and fret, but she finally succumbed to the pressure). We've met together three times to program the weekend, and I'm pretty excited about what she has come up with. She will be telling a bit of her story and leading us all to what I believe will be a spiritual moment.

Oh, and if you want to make her crazy, tell her that you heard she is preaching this weekend.

Tim Stevens2 Comments