The Pain of Ordering an iMac

My daughter has been saving for a year to buy an iMac (she is a video editor), and today was the big day when we could finally place the order. I had high expectations for my first Apple computer experience. I fantasized that they would answer on the first ring, call me by name, play high-def music and agree to deliver the machine in 30-minutes or less.

My experience, however, made me realize one possible reason why Dell is selling more machines.

  • They didn't show the total of my order (including tax) before asking for credit card.
  • There was no way to pay for the order with a gift card AND a credit card.
  • The phone representative couldn't duplicate the problem and had no way to pull up my shopping cart.
  • Pressing the "help" button took me to an outdated link to a page that no longer exists.
  • A woman gave up trying to help me...said she would transfer me to someone else, but just ended up sticking me back in the hold cue so she didn't have to talk to me anymore.
  • The next representative put me on hold for 20 minutes while he was talking to a supervisor.
  • The on hold music was distorted.
  • They had to authorize my credit card for $180 more than the actual purchase price.

I'm confident this is the right machine for Heather to pursue her interests, and I'm proud of her for saving her money to reach this goal. I'm just hoping the experience gets better once the machine arrives.

Tim Stevens17 Comments