Pop Goes the...Cover

You should know that authors don't design book covers. That is one of the primary responsibilities of the publisher. It is up to them to sell the book, and they view the cover design as the primary leverage they have to do that.

I began talking to my publisher about the cover design several weeks ago. They mentioned a concept they were working on, but it didn't resonate with me. So I began thinking about it and came up with a cover design that I was pretty excited about. I asked a friend to design it, and pitched it to the publisher as a concept.

Now, I can't show you the design yet, but I can tell you how it impacted one of my nameless friends. You see, she previously didn't like the title of the book. I kept telling her that the cover design can make all the difference, but she wasn't buying it. Not until she saw this cover concept. She did a 180 and now loves the title! I wish I could reveal her name to you so you could ask her yourself.

Back to my story--I just received word that my publisher LOVES the concept and want us to develop it further. In fact, they are hiring my friend to design it! That is great news, and it is another confirmation that I'm working with the right publisher. After reviewing four great offers from publishers, I chose the one that was least-known for several reasons, but one reason is that I felt it would be a great partnership and we would together produce a great tool.

There was some more great news I received from my publisher...I'll share it later this week.

Tim Stevens3 Comments