Online Discipleship?

At Granger, we are continually discussing how to help our believers in their spiritual development. How do we feed them when they are spiritual infants? How do we help them learn to feed themselves as they grow in their faith?

A recent article in Fast Company got me thinking about this. They reviewed several online websites that offer "community versions of money-management software." One of them got me thinking if there is something here we can learn that would apply to discipling our people.

An online community called Wesabe has been launched where other members see what you do with your money. They can comment on your spending habits and nudge you when you begin over-charging. A reviewer said, "Wesabe is one of those crafty community-based web 2.0 sites that is both helpful and intuitive."

I wonder if there is a similar tool for spiritual growth we could develop that would offer the same thing?

Source: Fast Company, December 2007, pg 96

Tim Stevens6 Comments